Ship your products to our creator space and get the opportunity to get promoted on one of the creator channels or our brand channel @manycreators.

You can ship your products to: 

Damrak 37-4
1012LG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Please note that there is no guarantee that we use your products in our videos or livestreams. This because you don’t pay for the promotion, only for the products you send us (we don’t send products back and keep them in our office for educational purposes (e.g. training creators to sell products in livestreams/shortvideos) or gift them to our creators. We look at the products and brand and judge if its suitable to the creators’ or our brand before we promote. We recommend to make your products an experience to higher the chance of being featured.

If we promote your product(s) and brand and like to receive a link of the promotion, please send us an email at mentioning your products and company name.