Case: Andrelli

Client / Partner: Firefly Media AB

28 million views

on Andrelli’s music track.

26.000+ videos

were created by using his music.

1 influencer

Boosted his music on Douyin.

How we dit it.

About the case.

We helped Swedish artist Andrelli enter the Chinese market for his music track remix launch called Hey There Delilah. After opening a verified artist account on Douyin and we uploaded on both platform his music.

We launched the campaign using a combination of Douyin and Jianying reaching more than 2 million views within 2 weeks on Douyin only.

Our strategy.

As Andrelli didn’t had any presence in China yet, we opened his verified Douyin artist account and listed his music track first.

We used one of our own proven organic growth hacks and were able to get 2 million views within a couple of days. After that users kept creating content on his video.

Let's talk numbers.

More than 28 million people have listed to Andrelli’s music and over 26.000 people created videos on his official sound. 

The cost per view resulted in $0,000053, which is $0,05 cost per mille (or 1000). The industry standard price on Douyin is around $2.50.

This means that the campaign resulted in 50 times cheaper than the standard market price. The artist is also able to directly profit from the streams in Douyin.

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