Case: Gala at Home

Client / Partner: @quintenhyde, @hieke.ig, MIND

Campaign Period: April 2020

250.000+ views

Content creators are managed by us to grow their brand.

1500+ attendees

Ventures we and our creator founded incubator companies.


raised for mental health charity for teens called MIND

How we dit it.

About the case.

A real gala, but in the virtual world of Minecraft. There are several rooms, entertainers and a live DJ. It promises to be one of the biggest events on Minecraft ever.

Our strategy.

MANY’s content creators @hieke.ig and @quintenhyde did the initial push of the event, which resulted in the participation of some of the largest content creators in The Netherlands.

Let's talk numbers.

Over 1500 people participated. Even though the event was for free, more than 20% of the people decided to purchase a VIP ticket. This resulted in raising over €700 for mental health awareness.

Creators who participated.



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