Case: Jae Wang

Client / Partner: Jae Wang

Campaign Period: 2020

3+ million

content views per month.


followers in less than 6 months.

1 channel

From zero to millions of reach.

How we dit it.

About the case.

After working closely with Jae (@chacyone) for the last few years in China, we started to manage her growth on Instagram. 

The found a niche and started reposting her Chinese content in that specific niche and marketing on Instagram, resulting in a very quick growth. 

Today, we helped Jae accumilate over 250.00 followers with an engagement rate of around 20%. We also manage all Jae’s collaborations outside of China.

Our strategy.

We focussed on growing a niche audience in a untapped market, in this case the Middle East. Because Jae Wong’s looks appeals to that market, we were able to grow quickly. 

Jae Wong hasn’t been active on Instagram and never used Instagram in the best. At the same time, we wanted to expand her followers beyond the Middle East.

We are now expanding the audience in Southeast Asia.

Let's talk numbers.

In less than 6 months we grew her account to over 100.000 followers organically, reaching over 3.000.000 people every month and over 280.000 per video.

We realised a stable engagement rate of 25% (Instagram average is 2-10%). Today, Jae has 233.000 followers.

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