Creator Development Program

We designed an educational program especially designed for short video creators and live streamers. All the creators under our management have access to our program and many of them actively participate.

Have some cool procuts?
You send them to us and we'll make content for free.

Creator Development Program
Damrak 37-4
1012LK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

MANYCREATORS is looking for new brands and agencies to collaborate with!

Do you have cool samples that you want to have reviewed by us?

•  Send them to our office in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
•  We will create content of your product(s) in short form video, live streaming and/or photos. It is recommended to create sample products that provide an experience to have a higher chance of being featured.
•  You get a free promotion in our videos or livestreams on our TikTok, BIGO Live, Youtube, IG and/or Twitch channels (@manycreators). 
• When your product and/or the unboxing experience is great, there’s a good chance the influencer will promote it on their own channels as well.
• We do not send back samples, but we keep them in our office for educational purposes or gift them to our creators.

Let us know if you are interested!