We are MANY, the incubator and accelerator for content creators.

We are leaders in the short video and live streaming industry working with top creators, brands and artists globally since 2016. 

For our expertise in short video and livestreaming you could have seen us in:

We empower creators, brands and artists.

Creator first is the core value of MANY We thrive to achieve and tailor brand activation the right way, matching brands with creators that fit. We also encourage creators to start their own business, offering guidance, mentorship and network to help them kickstart their entrepreneurial dream and leverage their brand.

We help creators become the brands of tomorrow.

As 5G is nearing us, video is becoming a much more important tool to communicate digitally. Also, the digital generation is wary of advertisements and value and trust friends and family recommendations much more. This means that User Generated Content (UGC) is going to play a much bigger role in the near future and right now, it’s challenging brands, artists and creators to create unique and creative content.

Creators are the most important asset in short video and live streaming. Every brand, artist and individual can and should leverage that growth, as that’s where future money is made.

Work with certified top creators in your industry

MANY represents a wide range of creators in the World. From ‘influencers’ to real experts in all kinds of industries, like beauty, food to fashion. 


Followers: 360.000
Country: The Netherlands
Category: Personality
Focus: Branding & Awareness


Followers: 504.000
Country: The Netherlands
Category: Lifestyle / Fashion
Focus: Branding & Awareness


Followers: 4.000.000
Country: China
Category: Beauty
Focus: Social Commerce


Followers: 240.000
Country: The Netherlands
Category: Comedy / Fashion
Focus: Social Commerce


Followers: 310.000
Country: United Kingdom
Category: Travel / Sustainability
Focus: Branding & Awareness


Followers: 1.300.000
Country: Brazil
Category: Music / Lifestyle
Focus: Branding & Awareness