For when you are not ready to start a business yet, but want to sell.

Everything you need to start

Always wanted to start your own brand, but you have no idea how to start? We help you making the step for your first sales.

Sell your personalised merchandising

Want to sell t-shirts? hoodies? sockets? We help you getting started with your own personalised merchandising.

We take care of all the shipping, operations and payments

Don't worry, you only take care of the sales, we do all the rest.

Get your own page on the MANY Official store

You get your custom page in our store, so your fans can buy your products.

Earn money from your fans with Fanland

Build a paid community for your fans where they can get exclusive content like behind the scenes or livestreams.

Only pay us when you get paid

There's no fixed fee or hidden costs for MANY Go and you'll receive 50% of your incoming revenue. So if it takes time to find customers, there won't be any costs to worry about.

Get total freedom

You can start and stop whenever you want.

Sell only when you want to sell

Because you run your brand through us, you don't have any monthly recurring costs or whatsoever. Only sell when you want to sell.

Sell your products from everywhere in the world

Got fans all over the world? No problem, we offer global shipping so everyone can enjoy your products.

Swtich to your own company

When you start with MANY Go, you have 6 months to switch to MANY Grow and receive all the incubator benefits.

Why wait? Started earning money now!

It's completely free today and you receive 50% from all the incoming revenue!