The support you need to get started and grow your company

The best way to grow your business

Use our resources to help your business get off the ground and to be able to grow it to a success.

Get personalized support to get your business started

You get access to weekly sessions, resources and personalised coaching to get your started.

Access exclusive deals and resources to help you grow

Thanks to our strategic partners, we are able to offer you exclusive deals so you can get started for a way lower cost.

You join our influencer business community

An unique community of influencer entrepreneurs and industry experts to share expriences and thoughts.

Only pay us when you get paid

There's no fixed fee or hidden costs for MANY Grow. You pay us 15% of your incoming revenue for a period of 3 years. If you have decide to sell the company or raise an investment, with take 10% equity in your company.

Get total business freedom

You are the only owner of the company and have everything in control.

Make your own decisions

We are you advisor, but you are totally free in making your own business decisions and directions because you are the only owner.

We don't take equity while you run your business

It's important that you can run your business with ease and that you don't have to make all the decisions with someone else.

Why wait? Started earning money now!

It's completely free today. We only receive 15% of your monthly revenue for 3 years and if you would every get investment or sell the company, we take 10% equity.

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