Get the personalised support you need.

Everything you need to register a company, do your account, marketing and sell your first products or services.

What is an incubator?

An incubator is company that helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as management training and other resources.

1. Get the help you need to get started

We help influencers start a company and provide the necessary resources to get your product or service off the ground.

2. Community support to keep you growing

Entrepreneurship is a journey where you have to learn along the way. Don't make the mistakes others made to increase your success.

3. Network to receive investment or sell your company

Are you growing something unique and scaleable? We connect you with potential investors or support with your exit strategy.

We connect you with industry experts

The development of you as an individual, influencer and entrepreneur is really important for us. This is why we build a network of experts to help you out.

What you get

As an incubator, it's our goal to provide you the resources and access you need to make your business a success.

Weekly Workshops

We deep-dive into topics with industry experts

Personal Coaching

Get coaching from experienced mentors

Partner Deals

Use our deals to maximise your efficiency and return

Community Support

Join a network of influencers and entrepreneurs

If you don't want to own a business

We take care the business related things

Not ready to register a company yet? Use our company to get you started with entrepeneurship to see if its something for you!

You sell your products in the MANY Official store

We provide you a customised store where you can sell your products, available on our domain

Successful? Move everything over to your own business

Are you selling and want to get more serious? You have 6 months from starting with us the time to move everything over to MANY Grow.

If you want to own a business

Get personalized support to get your business started

You get access to weekly sessions, resources and personalised coaching to get your started.

Access exclusive deals and resources to help you grow

Thanks to our strategic partners, we are able to offer you exclusive deals so you can get started for a way lower cost.

You join our influencer business community

An unique community of influencer entrepreneurs and industry experts to share expriences and thoughts.

The application process

Every influencer can apply for our Incubator, but we have a strict selection for enrollment.

1. Apply for our incubator

Fill in your application on our website.

2. Application review

We will review your application and contact you if necessary

3. Incubator enrollment

Congrats! You are now part of our incubator and program!