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The Ken: The clock is ticking on the TikTok-ByteDance SEA expansion

Business Insider: Experts think TikTok’s tie-up with Oracle and Walmart gives it a route into film, TV, books, and merch

The New York Times: Why Does Walmart Want TikTok? Looking to China May Explain

Wired: What Microsoft buying TikTok would really mean

South China Morning Post: Why TikTok became the fastest growing social media app, and how fashion and beauty brands have embraced its Gen Z vibe

The Ken: Trimmed, steady and Covid-ready, M17’s finally rising above ‘18

Nikkei Asian Review: Alibaba recruits army of ‘influencers’ for global ecommerce drive

Glossy: TikTok livestreaming attracts beauty brands

The Newyorker: How TikTok holds our attention

The Next Web: What TikTok’s Chinese predecessor can reveal about its future

TechCrunch: Alibaba taps international influencers to sell more globally

Tech In Asia: How Douyin became one of China’s top apps in 500 days

The Verge: TikTok begins testing link in bios

Daily Mail: TikTok embraces e-commerce in test that lets high-profile users push shops and products in their posts

China Paradigm: How to operate impressive content creation on Douyin

Nikkei Asian Review: Inside ByteDance, the $75bn unicorn behind TikTok

Emerce: UPLAB lanceert trefpunt voor short video influencers in Nederland

Glossy: TikTok pushes US livestreaming during coronavirus quarantine

TechCrunch: TikTok tests social commerce

Engadget: TikTok test lets users link to the products in their videos

Adweek: TikTok is testing shoppable videos

Yahoo: TikTok Influencers May Soon Start Selling Stuff Straight From Their Videos

Jing Daily: Is Douyin the Right Social Video Platform for Luxury Brands?

Jing Daily: Why China’s Viral Video App Douyin is No Good for Luxury

South China Morning Post: 3 reasons why China’s viral video app Douyin is not good for luxury brands

Leidsch Dagblad: Fabian Ouwehand, een korfbal pioneer in Polen Deze Nederlandse TikTok video’s met #ThuisopVakantie gaan viral

Germany Chamber of Commerce: Conquer the World With TikTok (page 40/41)


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