Where work and play comes together.

The place where creators and brands come together to build brands and create content.

Live stream room.

A fully equipped room dedicated to live streaming. Used by some of the top content creators in our community.

Creator environment.

Different color walls, access to beauty, fashion and lifestyle products, like-minded people and easy accessible.

Creator equipment.

Our space is fully equipped with everything creators need to produce amazing content for their fans, including a green, black and white screen and RGB led lightning.

Podcast Studio

All the equipment you need to launch a successful podcast available and completely ready to record. From cameras, to a mixer and microphones.

Brands build from our space.

When you bring a creative environment, entrepreneurs and amazing creators together, you get really cool stuff.

Helping brands with unlimited video editing for TikTok.

The lifestyle and community brand for surfers, by surfers.

Where our creators come together with their fans.

The digital event where fans can meet their creators.

Minecraft charity event where fans can meet their creators.

Become a brand of tomorrow. Come visit our space.

We offer production and consulting services where you make use of our content production room in the space.

Available 7 days a week from 09:00 – 22:00.

Damrak 37-4
1012LG Amsterdam
The Netherlands