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We manage and grow tiktok creators since 2016.

for our expertise in short video we have been featured in


Short-Video creators since 2016


Creators from all over the world


years of Management Experience

We help you to become a better creator

We are the flexible partner you have been looking for.

Creator team

We are one of the few companies having a team which consists mainly out of creators.

track record

We have a proven track record in different industries and categories.


We are an international team with representatives in Americas, Asia and Europe.

Global creator network.

MANY Family

How it works?

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2. Interview time

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3. We send a contract

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4. You'r e part of the fam

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What you should know before signing a contract.

Signing a contract can be freakin’ scary. And yes we get you. As creators ourselves, we never liked to agree on a long-term partnership and give away % of my income to a company I barely know. 

We treat our creators a little different. We only take a percentage of a brand deal we get for you or a lower percentage if you’d like to manage all your deals. If you would like, we can also help you to start your own beauty, fashion brand or help you start merchandise. We take a percentage of every sold product, but in return we help you with finding high-class manufactures, set up your store and more.

You never have to pay us something upfront. We only take commission based on your success. Our contracts are non-exclusive, which means that you are able to earn money on your own or work with other agencies.

We are there for you.

For us, the most important is that you succeed. Because when you succeed, we do. We have years of experience in working with content creators in Europe, China and Asia and we are always happy to share our knowledge with us. We will organise regular creator meetups so you can meet up and learn from other creators, but also go more in-depth in the business part so you know how to earn money with creating content. 

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