Douyin’s ‘Teen Mode’ gives educational content priority

Douyin has introduced ‘Teen Mode’, which allows users to only watch content selected by the ‘Douyin Youth Content Team’. Teens will only be able to see content related to education. knowledge, painting, photography etc.

It’s an addition to the early announced ‘Sunflower Program’ in the summer of 2018. This feature gives parents more management rights, where the system automatically filters out inappropriate content for teenagers. Teenagers where also not allowed to go live or make cash withdraws.

The reason for introducing ‘Teen Mode’ is that Douyin wants young people to explore a bigger, better world.

source: Douyin

You can enable ‘Team Mode’ on the sidebar of the profile page. It is that simple.

Source: Douyin

Douyin advertises the new feature as:

What the child sees in Douyin is not only safe and risk-free, but also valuable, interesting and useful. Besides bringing them a smile, we also broaden their horizons, develop their interests and get knowledge.

As announced earlier, Douyin will put more efforts in education their audience. This new feature is a great step in the right direction, but also gives more opportunities to companies active in the eduction industry.

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