How Douyin’s DuoShan 多闪 is changing the way we share stories.

A couple of weeks ago, Douyin 抖音 announced and beta launched its independent app DuoShan多闪. Within 24 hours, the app already hit over 1 million downloads.

A Snapchat-like app, with the intention that users will use it as their photo album. Photo’s and videos are only visible for 72 hours to your friends. After that, you are the only one who can see it.

Similar to WeChat, users are unable to publicly like and comment shared content, similar to WeChat.

Some of its core features:
– Exclusive and unique effects and stickers
– Only private communication with your friends
– 72 hours of limited time visible
– Users are able to send 红包 to each other
– Strangers have limited communication

Since the launch of DuoShan 多闪,Douyin 抖音 has been advertising the app very aggressively. From videos to advertisement space on the notification page. Douyin 抖音, used by over 250 million daily active users, even made DuoShan their default for messaging with each other, trying to push users to their new app.

Douyin 抖音 users are also able to watch their stories on DuoShan, send new AR stickers and much more.

DuoShan 多闪 has not really taken off yet, but we believe it’s just a matter of time.