Link Taobao, Tmall or JD with your Douyin e-commerce store.

Douyin, the largest short-video app in China, is going big on e-commerce. We figured that it’s possible to link, besides the earlier announced Taobao store, your Tmall and JD store with the app.

Both an ex- and current Bytedance (mother company of Douyin) employee have confirmed this with us.

This is super exciting news, as many brands have been exploring to use Douyin as a channel to generate sales. Knowing Tmall and JD are both added to the possibilities, a whole new world of opportunities for brands go open.

In our Douyin Playbook, we already spoke about e-commerce on Douyin, but it’s getting now much more serious knowing it is able to connect your Taobao, Tmall and store with the app.

How to open your Douyin store

Since January 2018, Douyin already has been testing e-commerce together with its influencers. Today, every Chinese citizen and company is able to open their store on Douyin. The only requirement is to have a minimum of 10 videos.

Users can access e-commerce stores and purchase products in different ways:

Opening a store on Douyin is relatively easy:

After that, you have to verify yourself or your company. When that is done, you go to “Share Merch” and apply for the store. You usually get a response within a couple of hours until your application is approved.

Step by step explanation:

1. 先开通抖音电商功能,即主页商品橱窗和视频购物车功能等等

  2. 去京东联盟网站或者APP搜索要推广的商品,并复制商品链接

  3. 在抖音视频发布页或商品橱窗添加商品,并在添加商品页选择京东商品,粘贴商品链接完成添加

  4. 后续可以直接去京东联盟网站或APP查看佣金收入和数据

Link your, Tmall or Taobao store

You can now link your JD, Tmall or Taobao store and add your products to your Douyin e-commerce store. Your products will be visible on your profile. If you want to promote a product through a video, you can add it at the last step of posting a video.

Jae Wong, 1.5 million fans.
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Douyin is the best platform to sell products, because the engagement and reach on Douyin is super high compared with other platforms.”

– Jae Wong, 1.5 million fans

If your target audience is below 40 years old, Douyin is definitely a channel you have to include in your marketing strategy.

Having over 250 million daily active users, Douyin is becoming a major platform in the Chinese social media ecosystem, unique in its own way. 

We are happy to help you with getting started on Douyin, content creation, influencer/KOL marketing and helping you start to sell on Douyin using your Tmall, JD or Taobao store.